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VoIP Integration

Take the word from the experts. It will save you money, because it already is saving for Millions. Learn how your organization can integrate Voice Over IP without changing virtually anything.

VoIP is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of the PSTN. One advantage of VoIP is that the telephone calls over the Internet do not incur a surcharge beyond what the user is paying for Internet access, much in the same way that the user doesn't pay for sending individual e-mails over the Internet. Voice over IP, is the process to pass your voice calls through your existing data network eliminating the need for separate voice and data components. Leveraging voice and data together, you are able to take advantage of your existing data network without spending on voice services and networks separately.

Voice Over IP or IP telephony has gained significant grounds in recent years since service industries has adopted this technology and put it to the test. Voice over IP is inexpensive, provides PABX functionality out of the box and uses internet as the medium to transfer the voice calls. 24X7’s VoIP solution scales well with any small to medium sized company since there is no significant change in infrastructure. Our solution seamlessly talks to any PABX and once installed, the system management is done remotely. In most cases, one phone call is all you need to change a setting or solve a problem.

24X7 satellite IP service connects you with a high speed internet access independent from terrestrial infrastructure. It offers ultra-fast data delivery, without lag time, regardless of how heavy the content. A highly reliable, super-speed Internet connection. It can connect you to the most unreachable places on earth.

Toll Free Branch Interconnection

The IP telephony benefits are most useful in scenarios where enterprises have more than one site or office, typically one main office and many branch offices. The present scenario sees a legacy PBX at each corporate location, with extensions that are idle. The need is to cut communications costs by providing VoIP capability to each PBX in order to make use of idle extensions and optimize the investment in line cards.

No matter where your branch offices are, your calls are all free between these offices. Better yet, using 24X7’s extensive U.S. and international VoIP network, the calls beyond the branch offices are extremely cheap as well.

The solution is so flexible that your existing infrastructure is almost untouched and cost savings can be realized immediately. Each branch office is required to have internet connectivity and our solution will deploy equipments necessary on each site and provide all the necessary support.

Call Center Operations

Call centers could reap benefits from switching to VoIP based solutions and cut the outbound call costs as much as 55%. Plus, we offer outsourced solution for your call center operations. Moreover Call Centers depend more on calls and this calls should be their advantage. Realizing the potential to financial cost it can do more than that, it can also provide a more reliable network that integrates to your IT system or managements.

Outsourcing call center operations has proved successful in recent years for many large customer service oriented companies. Often times, these call handling operations takes place overseas benefiting from the low wages and easier access to the available HR resources.

Being the voice and data technology frontrunner, you can rely on our expertise on installing the communication components and significant international operations experience for outsourcing, integrating and procuring local resources.

local and Internationsl Long Distance Services

24X7 is involved in building of VoIP networks in foreign and domestic regions. This helps us provide you with a more effective and efficient telecom advantage. Along with direct destinations controlled by 24X7 you are able to cut cost therefore allowing for smooth transactions.

Using the already existing powerful VoIP network we are able to provide reasonable rates with customer premise switching options. We offer a complex End-to-End solution, which includes installation and maintenance of customer premises equipment.

There is no minimum volume to purchase and web based billing and reporting options are also available for a minimum monthly fee. No long term contract and commitment. It's just 24X7 promise to outstanding service assurance.

Calling Card

Service Providers have traditionally extended long-distance savings options to consumers and enterprises by re-routing calls through circuit-switched alternative carriers. IP telephony is touted as the next-best-thing and is gaining ground with improved voice quality and network reliability. With de-regulation in many hitherto 'untouchable' areas, the market is brimming with potential. However many service providers are hesitant to step into this largely untapped market so we are here to guide you.

24X7’s pre and post paid calling card platforms has excellent reliability with four basic components Gateways, Billing Software, Termination service and infrastructure.

Calling card operations are one major component of VoIP world at this time. Both hosted and stand alone calling card services are available from 24X7’s managed services group. The project consultation includes preliminary customer training on available technologies on the market and pros and cons of them helping client make more informed decision on Calling card service provision and technical challenges.

"Hosted" solution involves a monthly fees where customer will generate and provision PINs from a web based interface and "Stand Alone" solution will include a custom server based solution at customer's premise. There is also "Managed Hosted" solution for low volume and small corporate entities where no hardware or software are required to be purchased and 24X7’s staff will manage the prepaid PIN’s for clients for a small monthly fee.

Billing Solutions

In 2003 the Telecommunications market in Asia-Pacific has revenue of 421.6 billion dollars, next to North America. It is roughly to grow 3 to 4 percent every year.

The 24X7 rating & billing Systems provide Rules-based real-time rating & billing for all types of convergent service transactions - from telephony to IP services to ASP and content based transactions. Billing is, without doubt, one of the most important functions performed by a Telecoms Service Provider. The invoice that the customer receives (whether paper, electronic etc…) is the basis for the cash flow of the Service Provider.
The bills and invoices that the customer receives are also one of the main interface points between the Service Provider and the customer. As such, they represent a major opportunity for up-selling of new services.

24X7 Billing offers Next Generation Billing by providing the capability to offer the complete scope of convergent voice, data and video services in one scalable, integrated system.Telecom billing process has changed significantly in recent years with the introduction of VoIP. Whether you operate a small termination gateway in Egypt or a border session controller for your organization, our billing solutions are tailored to make your life easy.