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Call Center Solutions

24x7 offers call center solutions running on IP backbone call relay and network management. 24X7’s termination services enables call centers to focus on their key business strategies while leaving call switching and network expansion concerns to 24X7’s flexible platforms.

Through 24X7’s quality termination and origination, call centers once linked to our managed backbone have access to our scalable platforms on our network enabling you to quickly ramp up; thereby enhancing your customer satisfaction. Days have gone by when a call center with a need of additional E1s or T1s had to wait for months for getting these additional circuits provisioned. Hassle free expansion of your circuits with minimum wait time is a reality to us. Whether it’s a host of voice applications, send and receive faxes or predictive dialers, we fulfill all your communication needs.

We grant competitive pricing for popular outsourcing destination in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Call Centers no longer need to house expensive infrastructures for servicing customers, instead they can relay on 24X7 termination services to these countries offered through our customer-designed network capable of handling ten thousand to millions of call signals. In addition, 24X7 can setup local access IDD or international toll-free numbers in various countries for inbound calling.