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Having setting our standard to the Cisco’s requirements you are assured that there is total management dependability on your network structure. It’s not just about effective management. It's also about planning and design, which must take place prior to installing a system and must be an ongoing task as new company sites are added and business expands. Good design and planning ensures that companies take advantage of all the cost-saving benefits available to them. With a Cisco IP Telephony (CIPT) solution (of which CallManager is the core call processing component), advantages over PBXs and increased efficiency can be found at nearly every turn. Companies reduce toll costs because calls to various company sites now travel over the company's existing LANs and WANs, rather than through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).


Quintum is the manufacturer of cutting Edge VoIP IPPBXs with several patented technologies such as 'Multipath' that can seamlessly switch calls from over the IP network to the PSTN when QoS is threatened and 'PacketSaver' that reduces the bandwidth required to sustain a VoIP call Remarkably to name a few. They address to attract customers on components of next-generation for market strategies. For enterprises, its many significant benefits - including lower call costs, integrated voice/data applications, and simplified network operations – are not within reach.


We have a wide range of hardware VoIP equipment that will enable you to power your services and upgrade your competitiveness in your market. Here are the list that are available we can provide you for: